North Korea testing missles in news

North Korea Fires More Missiles Than Ever


news about corona virus spreading in the world

Global Spread Of Corona Virus


on news Neo Nazi solders standing with guns

Resurgence Of Neo Nazi


girl is commiiting suicide by hanging hearself at home

Suicide Rate Is On The Rise: 30% in 17 Years


dead birds and animals laying dead on the ground

Animals Die In Large Numbers,

and Researches Scratch Their Heads

many boys and men play computer games due to addiction

The Truth About Gaming Addiction


people express hate on phone and online news

The Year Of Online Hate


news show map of earthquake epicenter in Los Angeles on California coast

Earthquakes Ravage Los Angeles

And San Francisco

men pointing hand gun to kill people

Gun Related Deaths Reached 40 Year Peak


volcano erupting with red lava and fire

Get Ready for More Volcanic Eruptions

As The Planet Warms

thousands of people protesting on streets in Hong Kong and all over the world

Thousands Of Protesters On The Streets


word marriage broken into pieces and falling apartword marriage broken into pieces and falling apart

Disappearing Marriage; Fewer Marriages And More Divorces 

sad couple sitting on bench

Cohabitation Is Replacing Marriage


news about drug overdose deaths in America

Overdose Deaths In America

70,000 Died in 2017

communist red party in China goverment growing power

Growing Power Of China's Communist Party


poor boy standing between large amounts garbage polluting river

Pollution Facts


luxurious BMW car belonging to rich men driving in the city

The Rich Are Still Getting Richer


people digging graves for people who died in world's conflicts

10 Conflicts To Worry About In 2020


women crying during refugee crises in Syria

The Worst Refugee Crises In History


news of deadly floods around the world

Deadly Floods


fire burns Alaska and other parts of the world

Unprecedented Fires Burn the Arctic


strange weather with snow and hailstorm in Mexico during summer

Hailstorm In Mexico


homeless men sleeping on streets of New York in America

Homeless In US: A Deepening Crises 


women performing test for sexually transmitted diseases in laboratory

Sexually Transmitted Diseases At All Time High 

men walking between building destroyed during attacks in Africa

Terror Attacks On The Rise In Africa


dead people killed on demand

Death On Demand


news about space arms race bewtween United States China Russia Iran and North Korea

The Escalating Space Arms Race