Our conscious and oblivious actions are collectively contributing to gradual deterioration of our world and lives. Does this mean that the end is near?

But of that day or that hour knoweth no one, not even the angels in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father" Mark 12:32    


No one knows, because it all depends on our faith in God and on our actions. Our actions are controlled by our free will and our thoughts, but our will is influenced world which surrounds us, and we proved to take a wrong path, when not guided. To improve our lives, we have to start with ourselves; align our principles with what God designed for people: The Law Of Love, and straighten our will through practicing discipline, to avoid deviating into destructive direction. What we do, what we say, and what we think, will influence our families, communities, countries... and the world. As each drop in the ocean is equally important, each step we take, and each word we say, is creating an aura which affects others, while the ripple effect takes it far away into the universe... We create our own destiny and alter destinies for each other.


Someday world is going to end, but it doesn't have to be on our watch. God is with us and he wants the best for us, but our actions will decide. Let's make this world the best place we can for each other in this life, while earning the privilege to enjoy heavenly eternity in the next life... Our mission is to open eyes and hearts, because choice is in our hands and it starts with our thoughts.


Will you choose light or dark future for your life, your family, city... the world, and your existence beyond this world?


Will you choose to walk alone, or join us on the path toward the light?


What are you waiting for?


people have free will and freedom to make choices that improve the world

Shortly after starting to work on Thunder Project, I had a doubt whether this content is appropriate to present. I could not answer this question on my own, so I fell to my knees and pray, asking for advice, a sign that would confirm if I should continue. It was a beautiful sunny day, with no cloud in the sky, and no precipitation in the forecast. Suddenly, heavy clouds covered the sky, making it dark as on a stormy day, and a single loud thunder hit the ground in close proximity. Nothing else... no more thunders, not a rain drop. The clouds dispersed as quickly as they appeared within minutes, and dazzling, sunny day continued... This miracle started it all.