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fulfilled prophesy in Kibeho Rwanda Africa

Kibeho, Rwanda

On Nov. 28, 1981, at a time of increasing tension between the Tutsis and the Hutus in Rwanda, Mary appeared to 3 young girls at Kibeho College, a secondary school for girls. In one of the most powerful apparitions, Mary shared with the girls an apocalyptic vision of Rwanda descending into violence, horror and hatred.
Rwanda fell into civil war and the 1994 Rwandan genocide claimed the lives of over 800,000 individuals.

I speak to you, but you do not hear me. I call you, but you turn deaf ear.

When will you do what I ask of you? When will you understand?

I give you signs, but you remain incredulous. How long will you turn a deaf ear to my appeals?

The teenage visionaries reported that the Virgin Mary asked everyone to pray to prevent a terrible war. In the vision of Aug. 19, 1982, they all reported seeing violence, dismembered corpses and destruction.
The longest series of visions were attributed to Alphonsine Mumureke who received the first vision on November 28, 1981 and the last on November 28, 1989. Anathalie Mukamazimpaka’s visions began in January 1982 and ended on 3 December 1983. Marie Claire Mukangango had visions for six months, lasting from 2 March 1982 until 15 September 1982. She was later killed in the massacre of 1995 at the same location.

When I tell you this, I am not addressing myself strictly to you, child, but I am making this appeal to the world.

In the 100 days that followed the April 1994 assassination of dictator Juvénal Habyarimana, by most accounts, 800,000 Rwandans, by some accounts, over one million, were slaughtered by their countrymen and, in some cases, their next-door-neighbors. Twice, Kibeho was the sight of a massive massacre, first at the parish church in April 1994, and then a year later in April 1995 where more than 5,000 refugees who had taken shelter at Kibeho were shot by soldiers.

mass slaughter in Rwanda Africa with thousands of dead people

Men in current times have stripped everything of its true meaning:

How, who commits a fault, does not recognize that he did wrong.

Vandalism was rampant all over the country from 1980 to 1981. Almost all of the statues of the Virgin Mary that were at the entrance of villages were mutilated, destroyed, or stolen. This was a sad time when Mary was almost forgotten, and barely prayed to. Even several priests did not pray the Rosary any more, influenced by the propaganda of false theologians who would like to make us believe that this devotion is out of date. Catholics are humiliated; the clergy begins to give up.

Today, many people do not know anymore how to ask for forgiveness, so I wanted to come and recall it to you, especially here in Rwanda, where I still find humble people, who are not attached to wealth or money.

It is in this time of discouragement that Mary chose to visit Rwanda. From 1981 to 1989, this country heard of the Virgin Mary as never before. Kibeho is located in the south of the country, the poorest area of Rwanda.

I speak to you holding powder and representing the nation: save the people instead of being their torturers. Don't rob the people; share with others. Be careful not to prosecute, to muzzle those who want to denounce your errors. I say it to you, I repeat it, whatever you do, even trough you try everything to harm somebody because he loves his fellow men, defends human rights, fights to respect life, and for the truth and all that is good, and even because he fights for God to be loved and respected, whatever you do, you can do nothing against him.

During one Apparition, Alphonsine is cured of a severe quinsy and of a loss of voice, and also of an eye disease. During the Apparition on October 2, she fell seven times, but even when she lays on the ground, she continues to pray and to sing. The pilgrims in Kibeho witnessed several extraordinary phenomena: the dance of the sun from left to right and up and down, for tens of minutes; the disappearance of the sun, replaced by a greenish moon; a dance of the stars; luminous crosses in the sky.

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Glowing Figure

During Power Outage